Imaginate Me | About
My name is Jonathan Bartlett and I was born in Guernsey, Channel Islands some time in the last century when black & white television was still the height of modern technology. I always enjoyed photography from owning my first 35mm Kodak camera (age 7) but did not really embrace it until I got my Canon DSLR in January 2010. Since then I have been a member of the Prism Photography Club and more recently the Cambridge Camera Club I am constantly trying to improve my photography.

I enjoy a challenge so if you have an idea for an image that I may have fun creating then send me your suggestions and I may well give it a go!

My photographs have been published in GBG magazine, Guernsey Life, Guernsey Evening Press and various Cambridge academic publications. I have worked for Red Carnation Hotels, Kleinwort Benson and Peter Le Vasseur (Artist) as well as other hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and local businesses.

I now live in Cambridge with my beautiful wife and travel all over the South of England and Wales with my work, which brings greater photo oportunities.

I Hope you enjoy the images on this site.